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Trugo News :: 30 June 2016

Last weekend, over 30 people swung a mallet at our first social day as we welcomed back Trugo to Footscray. The unanimous verdict was it was great fun, so keep an eye out for more social games in coming months.

Apart from playing the game, there are other ways you can help foster Trugo. Like supporting Trugo’s return to the historic Buckley St playing field in the Council’s survey and signing up as a member of our Club. Membership is free – see below for more info.


Trugo News :: 19 May 2016

Trugo Footscray

It’s time to take a stand for Trugo! Our local community can now have a say about the future of the historic Footscray Trugo rink and clubhouse. 

Maribyrnong Council is consulting about the site’s use – and we want to make sure that people’s support for playing Trugo there is clearly heard.

Click the photo above to find out how you can support the push for Trugo’s return to its traditional home. 

Trugo News :: 24 March 2016

Footscray Trugo

Welcome to the first Footscray Trugo Club e-news. Our club has achieved a lot in a short time since its inception, and we’ve been thrilled by the support and goodwill of the local community for returning Trugo to Footscray and Seddon. 

Excitingly, Maribyrnong Council voted last week to fast-track a public consultation on the future of the historic Footscray Trugo rink and clubhouse, which has been locked up and inaccessible for years. Click the photo above for all the news and details.