A couple of curios

Looking back through some old articles about the sport, I’ve discovered a mention of the first match in The Age on the 16th of June.

Previous histories have put the first match on the 18th of June 1937, two days after this report. Regardless of the date, the winner was Yarraville in both versions, but watch this space while we investigate further to find the true birthday of competitive Trugo.

Given other games in the period were also played on Tuesday, we can probably assume that the first match was on the 15th.

The Age - Wednesday 16 June 1937
The Age – Wednesday 16 June 1937

The second is this report of a match between Footscray and Williamstown in 1939.   Apparently it was exhilarating to see veterans lustily smiting the flying discs.  Let’s hope our revival can be just as exhilarating for the local press!

Trugo Melbourne
Williamstown Chronicle – Saturday 14 Jan, 1939


Also from the same paper, unrelated to Trugo, there was relief that bushfire news had pushed the “almost nude women” from the front pages.

“Who amongst decent citizens desires photographs of these dilly show-offs in female beach rig-out served out to them at the breakfast table? Reply: Few, if any.”

The more things change…

A number of bushfires were happening through the state at the time, including what came to be known as “Black Friday” (Friday, 13th of January 1939), the day before this ran. I doubt it would have made it in the paper had the extent of the tragedy been known.

I hate to end on tragedy so here’s a picture from almost a year earlier in the Newcastle Sun. The original source was the Herald, but it’s interesting that photos of the sport made it to NSW. Claus Ebeling is pictured. He was a founder of the sport and here described as an “enthusiastic knocker”.

Newcastle Sun Thursday 17 February 1938
Newcastle Sun Thursday 17 February 1938

At some point we may need social team names… maybe inspiration can be found from these articles and reports?